Design service

Bus being refitted for mobile roadshow use

We could save you a lot of time, effort and money.

What makes us different?

  • A long history of converting buses and other vehicles for specialist uses.
  • Tailored consultancies available to suit your particular requirements. These include design and conversion management as detailed below. We can also arrange completely independent pre-purchase vehicle inspections.
  • A personal service that is completely independent of any converters. Your interests are our interests, we exist to promote and facilitate the use of mobile community resources as an effective means of service delivery.
  • Full consultation and welcomed participation by yourselves in the design process with our guidance at hand to ensure that the best workable design is achieved to fully meet your needs.
  • No escalating conversion costs. Because we are thorough with the preparation of our design specifications this enables precise costs to be obtained for all conversion work to be undertaken. We will put the conversion out to tender on your behalf if required.

Design service

It is very common for both statutory authorities and voluntary organisations to find themselves bound by funding criteria and being obliged to put vehicle conversion contracts out to tender. This is difficult without a detailed specification and drawings that enable tendered costs to be obtained and compared like with like. Without a specification your requirements are also open to misinterpretation by the converter and the quality of the materials and equipment used are very much left to their discretion. A detailed specification that closely defines precisely how the job is to be done avoids pitfalls and provides you with a means of redress should the need arise.

Comprehensive bus conversions are expensive and it makes sense to protect your interests and ensure that you get the conversion you want. We offer a professional consultancy service to produce a detailed written specification and drawings for the conversion of your vehicle after full consultation and participation by yourselves.

What are the stages in preparing the specification?

  • Converted vehicles are either constructed as new, built upwards from the chassis, or are based on a ready built vehicle whether it be new or second hand. We will help you decide on the most appropriate type of vehicle that will meet your needs, both in terms of layout and operation and also budget.
  • Our Technical Manager will meet with you to discuss your requirements and share any particular ideas that you may already have. If you have already purchased a vehicle it is useful to spend time in it to examine the feasibility of particular installations and also to establish what general body repairs may be required that can also be included into the specification. It is also helpful to establish how you intend to operate the vehicle when it goes into service as this may influence the selection of certain systems incorporated during the conversion.
  • Using computer aided drafting, we will produce draft layout diagrams for your consideration and approval. Several layout options may be available depending on your requirements. If necessary we will meet with you again in order to firm up the final requirements.
  • A detailed written specification will now be prepared that includes instructions for the construction, fixtures and fittings, materials to be used, the safe installation of systems etc and named proprietary equipment. A1 plan and side elevation layout drawings are also prepared.

Conversion management

This is another role that we can play particularly if you are pressed for time or inexperienced with vehicle conversions. We offer a conversion management service to oversee the works being undertaken to your vehicle at the workshops appointed by you to ensure that the finished product meets all the specified requirements and to deal with any day to day queries that may arise throughout the course of the works.

A full management package would normally consist of up to six visits to the workshop throughout the conversion process. The average conversion normally takes fourteen to sixteen weeks. The first visit is at the start of the conversion and is primarily to run through the specification with the company to ensure the requirements are fully appreciated and to answer any initial queries. The penultimate visit is for checking the almost finished bus and the final one is the acceptance visit. Two or three others are spaced over the fourteen week period to ensure that work is progressing at a suitable pace and that the required standards are being achieved. We welcome being joined by your own representative on any of these visits.

What are the benefits?

  • Your own valuable time is freed.
  • Our experience of vehicle conversions enables us to easily assess that the work is progressing satisfactorily and if not to take immediate action.
  • We can act responsively to discuss with the converter any queries that may arise, from a professionally informed position.
  • We provide you with an update after each visit and advise as to whether it is appropriate for you to release any stage payments to the converter.
  • Individual inspection visits can be arranged if you do not require a full management package.

For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.