Bus in garage

Roadshow Solutions has three insurance policies of interest to member organisations. These are:

  • Motor for project vehicles
  • Loose contents
  • Combined Liability (Employer’s and Public)

All three policies have an annual renewal date of the 31st March. Members may be added to the Policies at any time during the year and the premium is calculated pro rata until 31st March the following year.

Our insurers have identified that the Motor Policy could be vulnerable from secondary claims made under any other uninsured risks (i.e. risks that would normally be covered by Employer’s or Public liability insurance). If you only require motor insurance you will be required to provide evidence of your present Employer’s & Public Liability cover.

All drivers have to be accepted by the Insurers – each prospective driver needs to supply details of their driving experience, any previous claims or driving convictions. All drivers must be 21 years old or over, hold a current licence with the appropriate category for the type and weight of vehicle to be driven. In the case of converted vehicles that qualify as Mobile Project Vehicles (as defined in the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Regulations 1999) that may, with certain qualifications, be driven by the holder of a Category B (car) licence, the prospective driver must declare that they have practical experience of driving large vehicles. This should include a minimum of 15 hours’ instruction from a qualified large vehicle driving instructor if the vehicle is over 3.5 tonnes GVM.

Please contact us for further information.