Why Volunteer with Street Assist Edinburgh?

Street Assist Edinburgh is run entirely by volunteers. We value all our volunteers and the dedicated service they provide.

If you like helping people then you will gain great satisfaction from volunteering for Street Assist Edinburgh.

You will be helping your local community by providing an extremely valuable service and helping to make Edinburgh city centre safer for all. It is also an opportunity to develop your own skills in volunteering, working with people of all ages or backgrounds. We aim to support our emergency services by reducing the time that Police Officers spend dealing with issues that prevent them carrying out their policing duties. Our service also allows Ambulance crews to attend real 999 emergencies and helping NHS staff by preventing people attending Accident & Emergency when they have no real need to be there.

The people we help have probably become vulnerable by circumstance which can be anything from being separated from friends, over consumption, injuries or people who just need a safe place to come regardless of the issue.The Street Assist Edinburgh team

This is where you can help them to be safe and help resolve their problems.

Many of our current volunteers have decided to donate their time for many reasons, some just want to help, some wish to use their experiences as a means to gain entry into the emergency services and some just want to develop further their existing skills.

What kind of commitment do volunteers need to give?

Street Assist Edinburgh will have four recruitment periods over the year: April, July, October and January.

We need volunteers aged 18 and over from all backgrounds who can listen, help, support, communicate, smile, respect confidentiality, be a calming influence, direct to or contact other services and most importantly of all – want to help others.

All new volunteers will be asked to attend an induction evening with our Volunteer Coordinator where you will be fully informed of all our activities, processes and training which will be offered to you.

There is no expectation for you to carry out certain activities which you are not comfortable doing, we have many opportunities available.

All prospective volunteers will be invited onto the bus to talk to other volunteers and experience what the bus has to offer. You may decide at this point that the role isn’t for you. If this is the case you can still volunteer for some other roles which aren’t front line delivery.

We need volunteers to cover a Friday or Saturday night between 8:00pm and 4.00am.

We have a rota system so you can tell us how much time you can commit and only ask that you kindly do a minimum of one night a month.

Application form

If you would like to volunteer to help Street Assist Edinburgh, please fill in the form below or contact us for more details.

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Before we engage volunteers it is our policy to seek two references (either character, academic or work). Please give us details of your referees below.

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Please tell us about yourself. What is your background? What skills and traits you can bring to Street Assist? What would you like to get out of volunteering with us?

Criminal Conviction Self Declaration

We ask all volunteers with us to give us information of previous convictions. Having a previous conviction does not automatically bar you from volunteering with us but it will help us, in discussion with you, decide if the opportunity you have applied for is the most suitable. All information given here will be kept in your personal file which can only be accessed by authorised staff.

Under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 you are entitled to withhold information about any convictions against you which are now "spent". Please see Spent convictions for full details about this. You may only withhold information on "spent" convictions.

Please ask us if you need any help completing this section of the form and we will be happy to assist you.



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Equal Opportunities

Street Assist Edinburgh is fully inclusive, and we take equality of opportunity very seriously.

To help us monitor the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities and Recruitment Policies we would like you to fill in this section. If you choose to complete it, any information given is treated in the strictest confidence.


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