Technical support

Travelling through the Austrian alps

Going Mobile is an area in which most organisations have little or no experience and it can feel like a giant leap into the unknown! To make the process less daunting and to help you to avoid making costly mistakes, Roadshow Solutions offers:

  • Guidance on the likely costs of setting up and running the project. This will help with funding applications and ensure that you get your budgets right.
  • Information on the right type and size of vehicle for the service that you want to offer.
  • Vehicle design and conversion management services specific to your requirements. This will help you achieve the required quality standards and ensure that the finished vehicle is competitively priced. These services can save you tens of thousands of pounds!
  • Advice on health and safety issues relating to your vehicle.
  • Advice on manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment that you will need to install.
  • Advice on disabled access issues relating to different types of vehicle.
  • Advice on environmental issues relating to your vehicle and services.
  • Pre-purchase inspections of second-hand vehicles.
  • Information on transport legislation that will affect the driving, annual testing and operation of the vehicle.

For more information on technical support, please contact us.