Who are we?

Street Assist volunteers

Roadshow Solutions CIC will provide benefit to communities across the UK, both urban and rural, through the provision of face-to-face interactions and interventions, delivering information and services. This will be primarily delivered from bespoke converted vehicles, acting as mobile community hubs that enable services to be taken directly to the point of need, irrespective of location. In addition to delivering specific projects, Roadshow Solutions CIC will also support other organisations to enable them to undertake mobile community projects.

This style of delivery is fully-inclusive, enabling all members of the community to access the services. It can be an extremely tailored solution if required, meeting the needs and requirements of a specific demographic. This ensures that our beneficiaries will be given full access to the interventions, irrespective of age, gender, ability, race or background.

Mobile community projects include:

  • Playbuses
  • Mobile toy libraries
  • Mobile creches
  • Towdabouts (mobile playgrounds)
  • Mobile youth work facilities
  • Mobile advice centres
  • Mobile IT suites
  • Mobile arts venues
  • Mobile environmental projects
  • Health promotion buses
  • Outreach work
  • Community consultations

Roadshow Solutions supports its members in offering the most accessible, safest and most effective services that they can. We offer:

  • Technical support
  • Policy work
  • Training
  • Information and advice
  • Competitively priced insurance policies

Roadshow Solutions is grateful to Roadshow Promotions for their commercial partnership and assistance in maximising the potential benefits of mobile community projects across the UK.