Why go mobile?

Hallam FM bus

In rural areas, many people are isolated from services due to distance and poor public transport. People in many urban areas may find it difficult to access services due to under-resourced community facilities.

Roadshow Solutions helps develop and support mobile play, youth and community services with some of the UK’s most disadvantaged and isolated communities. We offer our members advice on issues including disabled access, health and safety and environmental issues.

Mobile services:

  • Reach disadvantaged families and under-resourced communities.
  • Offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for people to meet, relax, support each other and access information, advice and training opportunities.
  • Are flexible, adaptable and responsive
  • Are excellent for community consultation
  • Promote a real sense of ownership
  • Reach the heart of any community
  • Break down social barriers by offering a welcoming, neutral space
  • Offer an ideal method and venue for piloting a service or project
  • Share resources effectively across the community
  • Last and by no means least – are cost effective!